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Message from Chairman

“Education is not preparation for life, Education is life itself”. says John Dewey

Exactly, Education is a process that has no end. We start learning right from our birth and it lasts as we breath our last. Family, society, difficulties of life, success and failure teach us on every step of life and these teaching are our accumulated experience.

In schools and colleges we learn languages to communicate better with others, we learn mathematics to attain logic and reasoning to solve the hard challenges in life. Science improves our critical thinking and helps us solving the problems in day to day life.

In the same way Scholar’s Senior School Araiyan Wala Fdk, is a mission for us. We are doing our best to upgrade ourselves in every field. A team of well qualified teachers is working hard to bring sublime results. We focus on extra co curricular activities and organise workshops and camps to enrich the knowledge of our students and teachers as well. We are try our best to keep all of them update. Our scholars will have a unique identity on the world, we promise.

Manminder Singh Dhillon
M.A. English. B.Ed
P.T.E.T qualified